New for 2018.

Coasteering in North Devon

New for 2017, we have teamed up with a fantastic local company so that we can offer the ultimate coasteering experience along the North Devon coast.

What is Coasteering?

Experience the thrill of North Devon in a completely unique way. Coasteering is an adventure activity that involves the thrill of scrambling round rocks, jumping from cliffs and swimming in the ocean, all along the natural North Devon coastline.

A perfect holiday activity that gets the blood pumping. Whether you’re an adrenaline junky or an avid explorer, our coasteering experiences are a fantastic way of getting out and living. Although a substantial blend of rock climbing, scrambling, swimming and cliff jumping we require very little equipment allowing for maximum exploration. We provide all the necessary safety equipment of the highest quality as your safety is our first priority.

Is Coasteering Safe?

Coasteering is an extreme sport and an adrenaline filled activity – of course, with anything of a similar experience, there is an element of risk involved. From the moment we meet you, safety is our first priority. Our session starts off with a breifing where we talk you through what you are about to experience. Alongside the information that we receive from your participant forms we will assess your level of fitness and ability so that we can ensure that we take you on the best suited route. You will be supplied with high quality 5mm winter wetsuits, a safety tested bouyancy aid and a helmet.

Once en route you can rest assured that our experienced guides are with you every inch of the way. They will be on hand to assist you with any help, advice or guidance and also motivate you to push your own personal boundaries where possible. The extensive local knowledge of our instructors and the qualifications that each of them hold will mean that you are in safe hands as well as experiencing an unforgettable adventure.

Where do we do coasteering?

If it is rugged and a sense of adventure you are after then North Devon is the place for your coasteering excursion. This is where Exmoor meets the sea and you certainly know about it, with the stunning scenery comes big sea cliffs which gives us the best ledges to jump of from. We have a number of routes available to us, meaning that you get to explore this stunning coastline up close and personal. Not only will you get to experience areas that you can only access by swimming and scrambling, but get to experience some of the best waves the atlantic throws at us.

There are a number of variable factors that we need to take in to account when working out exactly where our activity will be taking place. For example, the tides will differ each day and this can make some locations more accessible than others.